Ziggy returns!!!

Ziggy returns!!!

Blessed Wednesday y’all!

Yes…Ziggy the possum is back with us this Sunday!

What a scamp he is but it’s another invitation that you just don’t want to miss. So…grab a friend & their kids & join us this Sunday for worship.


Also…before you get to Sunday…you’re invited to our regular Friday afternoon (1:00 p.m.) Zoom Bible Study Catch-up.

We’ll look at the texts from Sunday & see what else we’ve learned over the past week from God’s Word. To get hooked up…

Join Zoom Meeting   —   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81176867898

Meeting ID: 811 7686 7898


Now…some advanced notice things…

  1. Sunday 3rd April is when Daylight Savings ends. I think you’ll have set your clocks back an hour before you turn in on Saturday night.
  2. 3rd April is also Giving Beyond Ourselves…through Australian Lutheran World Service toward compassionate humanitarian relief in the Ukraine. Meanwhile pray for the peace talks & a cessation of hostilities…enough of this shooting at each other business!
  3. Since 3rd April is a first Sunday of the month…That also means Morning Tea!
  4. This coming week we’ll be announcing our Holy Week/Easter schedule. It’s not too early to start inviting your friends & family to join us during this special season.


I was led to a passage from Jeremiah this week…it was in a book I’m reading (Disappearing Church by Mark Sayers)

Jeremiah 6:16:

This is what the Lord says: Stand by the roadways and look.

Ask about the ancient godly paths: Which is the way to what is good?

Then take it and find rest for your souls.


There’s an old saying, “The past is supposed to be a guidepost not a hitching post.” Memories of the “good old days” can become a trap & keep us from ever experiencing God’s “new thing,” or a fresh experience of the Holy Spirit.

But too often we get enamoured with the “newest thing” & forget God’s word handed to us by our faith ancestors & God’s faithfulness over the course of our lives. A wise friend once noted, “We’ve reached a strange stage in human history where we’ve allowed the youngest, least experienced, least accomplished members of the tribe to dictate the future of the tribe.”

He’s not wrong…The purpose of the “ancient godly paths” was to reach deep into the wisdom God had granted to his people & to remember how God has intervened to rescue & lead his people in the past & live from that…to trust that if God has spoken, his word remains true; if God has promised his care & provision, he will not withdraw his hand of blessing. We don’t need a fresh revelation when we haven’t exhausted or obeyed the one we have; we don’t need a new command when the one we have is still binding on us.

Have a look at our Practices of Discipleship…each grounded in the “ancient godly paths” of Christ’s church. Pull out those Promises God has Made to You that we handed out in worship a few weeks back…each is a trustworthy anchor for your soul in the difficulties or confusions we face. Don’t neglect what our faith forebears have passed on…there’s rest for our souls on those paths.


Be richly blessed this week! And I’ll see you Sunday!


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