Our Team

Our Team

What happens at Living Water Fellowship is guided by Pastor John Guilfoyle in consultation with the Executive and the Steering Team.

Worship and administration is supported by the Administrative Assistant Sue Wiencke.


While some members have offered to serve in leadership roles, the participation of all members is encouraged and welcomed in all aspects of worship, ministry and decision making.

Romans 12:1-8

Pastor: John Guilfoyle


John Guilfoyle has been a pastor for just over 26 years… 11 of those here in Wagga Wagga.

He grew up in Texas & still sounds like it… just listen to our video introduction.


John & his wife Leonie have three daughters and a vision for Christ’s work in Australia as expansive as the Australian outback. His two favourite Bible verses are: Ephesians 1:4 and Acts 20:24.


John would really like to have a chance to meet you and discover with you how the love of Jesus can transform your life.

Administrative Assistant: Sue Wiencke

Chairman: Sam Lieschke

Secretary: Sandra Lieschke

Treasurer: Pam Krieg

Worship: Philippa Prenzler


Drawing people into a vibrant experience with God by:


– Creating an environment that allows people to worship in the power of the Holy Spirit.

– Fostering a culture of lifelong participation in worship.

– Engaging children at their level in the life and family of Christ.

– Fostering congregational involvement in making worship happen.


Sunday Morning Worship at LWF is a combined effort from stewards, Bible readers, prayers, Communion servers, children’s ministry, musicians and technical people, the Bulletin and Powerpoint, and Pastor John’s role.


The Worship Team’s input into Sunday Worship consists of:

* Music.

* Initiative to involve more people in worship.

* Overseeing Special events.

Spiritual Growth: Heather Noller


Engaging and equipping people to grow in God’s grace by:


– Providing opportunities for intentional exploration of God’s word among His people.

– Encouraging and nourishing people in all stages of their faith journey as disciples of Jesus.

Fellowship: Sandra Lieschke


Offering opportunities to gather, sharing Jesus and life together by:


– Creating social activities that provide opportunities for people to build and strengthen relationships.

– Creating positive food experiences to bring people together and build community.

Outreach: Graeme Thompson


Going in God’s power to show His love to the world by:


– Equipping people to share and live out their faith in Christ.

– Intentionally engaging the wider community in ways that demonstrate God’s love through Jesus Christ.

– Flexibly responding to opportunities to serve beyond ourselves.


A number of activities and connections were made with the community during the past year: Lake to Lagoon run, Life FM, Baptist Church Garage Sale, Wagga Wagga Community Kitchen and St Vincent de Paul Society.

Congregational Care: Norma Clark


Showing God’s love through caring for the Living Water family by:


– Identifying and appropriately supporting people in need.

– Linking people together to foster a culture of belonging in which all members are responsible for each other.

– Flexibly responding to opportunities to serve beyond ourselves.

Congregational Care: Carmel Pearce


Our team of 10-12 members endeavour to show love and caring to our church community and also to the wider community when and wherever possible. This includes hospital visiting, home visits, or even just a chat on the phone.


Other tasks we have assisted with include packing up household goods for removal or sale, garden cleanup and makeovers, food when needed, and providing transport for the elderly to church on Sundays.

Resource Stewardship: Pam Krieg


Supporting Living Water’s vision through the management of its resources by:


– Managing our God given resources in an accountable, responsible and transparent manner.

– Fostering an environment where the members of Living Water are collectively responsible for the church’s resources.

– Providing resources to enable the operational functions of the church.

– Planning for the future resource needs of Living Water.

– Effectively communicating both internally and externally to ensure all interested parties remain appropriately informed.