Worship with Living Water This Week!

Worship with Living Water This Week!

The Lord be with you!

I’m excited this Friday morning as I prepare to get out & about…Thanks to some faithful hard working volunteers we’re set for the weekend worship ahead of schedule!


So here’s the BIG QUESTION:

With whom will you gather for in-home worship?

If you don’t know yet…ring Philippa, ring a friend, if you CAN gather with others (& the rules say about 20 vaccinated folks to a house) PLEASE gather with others. Until the Guides relax their restrictions on hall users, our best option is in small clusters in homes…just like the early church, & persecuted churches to this day.

You do not have to sit home alone…failing all other options, ring me & I’ll come to your home.


Here’s the link for this weekend.


Or here on the website itself


Special round of applause to our LWF family for sharing their faith stories with us. Extra thanks to Adam for making them available in highlighted spots on our website as well.

I am pretty excited coming toward the end of the virus seasons…We have much to celebrate & much for which we can thank God.

Now is the time for the church to wrap its arms around all those who’ve been frightened or shaken & offer the good news that our God reigns!


How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news,

the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!

Is 52:7

That’s you…the one with beautiful feet as you share the good news.

Be richly blessed & incredibly bold in Christ’s Name.



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