Worship this week

Worship this week

Blessed Friday y’all!

As we move into the weekend…here’s what we need for worship Sunday.

Link to the service – https://youtu.be/2ytUMnFpjnE

Service Order & Growing Praise

Also…I’ve been reading in Nehemiah…He is sent back to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon by God with the King’s blessing to rebuild the wall around the city & to move the returned exiles along in getting their lives back in order. When he gathers the people & they decide to begin rebuilding the city wall, their opponents speak against their efforts & mock the work they are about to do in an effort to thwart the people regaining their vibrant faithful community life.

To their resistance, Nehemiah replies: “The God of heaven will help us succeed. We, his servants, will start rebuilding this wall.” Neh 2:20
I love that. God gives success. Our job is to obey & start the work we’ve been called to do.
When we move back into worshipping together in the Guide Hall in a few weeks’ time…Our job is to obey his call to worship. He will give us the victory & equip us to do so.

Peace fill your weekend!

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