Wednesday wrap-up!

Wednesday wrap-up!

Welcome to Wednesday y’all!

Hump Day…we used to call it because it’s downhill toward the weekend from here!

FIRST – gigantic Thank you to everyone who’s hanging in there weathering this crazy inability to gather as “church” like we’re expected to gather. Thank you if you’ve had folks in your home.  Thank you if you’ve joined someone else on their sofa for worship. Well done! Just know…that may well become the future of church just like it was the history of our faith ancestors. Small clusters of disciples gathered in homes or otherwise private spaces was how the gospel spread across the world in the first two centuries after the resurrection. It may be that we’re being ushered back into that space by the Spirit so we can actually become the movement of gospel-sharers we’re intended to be. So Thank you!

SECONDOne more time…We’re on-line & in-homes again this Sunday, 7th November. It looks like this is the last time officially since the Premier is making gathering a bit easier and less restrictive. The Guide Hall is still a “vaccinated-only” venue. We’ve had ample time by now to either get our shots or a medical exemption. Sandra is handling the “who & where” details this week. Give her a ring or gather a group & let her know who’s coming to your place so we don’t miss anyone. PLEASE do not sit home alone if you’re able to be with a few folks from Living Water. If in doubt ring Sandra or me…we’ll get you sorted.

THIRD – Zoom – Join us Friday to look at last Sunday’s worship texts…to catch-up with your Living Water family…and to share what’s going on in your world with other disciples.

LWF Bible Study Catch-Up – Friday, Nov 5, 2021 – 1:00 PM

Meeting ID: 831 8413 5605

FOURTH – Thank you! To everyone who has taken a few minutes to share a portion of their faith, as reflected through the Apostle’s Creed, in our on-line worship. Thank you! For that bold witness & heartfelt openness. We should all practice that sort of thing often enough that it becomes as familiar to us as our phone number & as easily shared with someone else. When the church stops sharing its faith, it dies through disobedience to the great commission.

FINALLY – Always remember that ultimately God, not Prime Ministers, not Premiers, not State Health officials, not public policy “experts,”…no other power has the authority to restore what sin & death & evil have taken from us who are created by God in love for God in joy & delight. That belongs to God alone & we need to continue to ask God to hasten his restoration of all things & the fulfilment of his promises through and in us.

“This is what the Lord of Hosts says: In this desolate place—without man or beast—and in all its cities there will once more be a grazing land where shepherds may rest flocks. The flocks will again pass under the hands of the one who counts them in the cities of the hill country, the cities of the Judean foothills, the cities of the Negev, the land of Benjamin—the cities surrounding Jerusalem and Judah’s cities. I, the Lord, have spoken.” “‘The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will fulfill the good promise I made to the people of Israel and Judah.” — Jer 33:12-14

See you Friday & on-line what we hope is the final time.


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