Is it really Thursday?!?!?

Where did the first half of this week go?????

Well…let’s not dance around…let’s get going here!

  1. Bible Study Catch-up

Friday, 18th March, 1:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 811 7686 7898     —  THIS WEEK…Luke 6:1-11 (I promise I have the right text this time) If you haven’t taken advantage of this great opportunity to look more deeply at God’s word…you really should. It’s a great discussion, and we all walk away having learned something & greatly encouraged.


  1. Morning Tea after worship this coming Sunday! There’s always room for another little plate of goodies on the table & this is the perfect time to catch up with folks you may not have seen throughout the week & perhaps chat with any visitors who might happen to be there or someone you haven’t seen in a while.

ALSO…Most Sundays we could use an extra set of hands to help with the pack up & put away part of the morning. Don’t be afraid of the sound gear. Much of it can be easily disconnected & carried to the closet…and if you’re not sure, just ask. 😉


  1. AND…we’ll have something special for the younger saints…so grab those kids & grandkids & get ready for something very exciting! Invite a friend & their kids…I think there’s a special puppet guest.


It’s been a great week. I got my car back from the mechanic & it cost less than he thought it would. Grace abounds!

On Tuesday I had the privilege of meeting Pastor Bob Brown. Pastor Bob is an indigenous Christian leader in Wagga and we’re looking at ways to serve God’s purposes here hand in hand. No specifics yet, but please pray for Pastor Bob & ask the Spirit to open doors that might otherwise be closed to us & to the gospel.


Let me return to a previous thought…Sunday mornings…I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the roster of people who serve in some way on Sundays is being drawn from a shrinking number of people such that some Sundays someone is helping out in 2 or 3 different ways. That’s how volunteers get burned out. If you can help regularly at all, please talk to Liz about how to do that & we’ll get you set up with someone to show you the ropes & not leave you out there all by yourself.


As part of that…after Easter we’ll be down to only 3 regular musicians as Josh looks toward a move to Wangaratta to pursue his training as a piano tuner while continuing to teach with the Conservatorium in Albury. We’ll miss Josh for many reasons, but as we saw the last 2 Sundays, we know how to sing along with musical video leadership…and that glorifies God too. But do pray for Josh & us as we look at how best to serve & multiply our ministry in new ways with fewer people for the moment.

God bless the rest of your week!

See you Friday & then Sunday!


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