Special note for this week!

Special note for this week!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

WOW! What a blessing to be back together last Sunday! Even in limited numbers it was great! Thank you again for your faithfulness.

As we move through this week…it seems appropriate to the Steering Team that we have a go at what a few other congregations are doing…”booking a space for worship.” In simplest terms…we’re trying to be extra careful in compliance with the mandated guidelines for Covid-safe practice AND at the same time not risking overcrowding, we really don’t want to turn people away at the door.

What does that mean for worship this week?

  1. We’re asking you to let us know you’re coming & we’ll save you a seat. Please ring the main Living Water number 6931 5673 & let me know how many you’ll have with you. If you have questions…I’ll do my best to answer them.
  2. Once we reach the magic limit of 37 for the Guide Hall we’re able to offer you a space at Pam & Gary’s house to watch a pre-recorded version of the service & enjoy a small company of believers in a “house church” format. We’ll have a second home-venue available once they surpass the 5 allowed under the current guidelines. The Steering Team will be the primary leaders in these smaller “home-worship” settings. So…we thank God for their servant leadership and the hard work they’re continuing to exert on behalf of Christ’s kingdom & the rest of us too.
  3. Please make your booking by Friday @ 11:00 a.m. This gives us a chance to do the preparation needed for extra venues as our numbers grow.
  4. Please do not say, “Well…I’ll stay home this week so someone else can have my spot.” Or… “I’ll just listen to Songs of Praise because that seems like too much trouble to go through.” The Bible is pretty clear: Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near. (Hebrews 10:24-25) It is essential that you and your family join the other Living Water disciples for worship as often as practically possible. Especially in this more challenging season…that seems to go on & on…T he fellowship of believers, what Luther called the “conversation and consolation of the baptized,” is a precious gift you give to someone else by your presence.
  5. Remember…at the Guide Hall AND in the home-venues this week is our Giving Beyond Ourselves designated for the AFES/UniChurch ministry partnership we’ve enjoyed for so long. Also…in the Guide Hall we’ll be doing morning tea…I’ll let the home venues handle their own arrangements on that score. 😉

We’ll keep working on this system until we’re able or forced to do something different. There may be a different primary contact number each week, but the same system will be in place. If you have any questions…please call and we’ll be happy to tell you what we know & try to make it as straightforward as possible.

I expect we’ll make a few mistakes the first time or two…but your patience & forgiveness & willingness to make these extra efforts will surely be blessed. In every instance we’ll continue to maintain the safest best practice to avoid illness and add to the joy of being with other disciples.

I’m sure if I’ve missed something I’ll be reminded & then I’ll remind you.

God keep you in his love until I see you somehow this weekend!



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