** REMINDER 15th November **

** REMINDER 15th November **

Hi y’all!

Quick reminder that we are NOT meeting together in the Guide Hall this week.
There are some electrical upgrades being done to that part of the power grid & the Hall will be without electricity.

BUT…you can still gather with some part of your Living Water family.
I’m hoping you’ve linked up with a small group of people by now & made arrangements to gather for an hour or so for study, prayer, encouragement and let’s hope food!

If you have not yet made those arrangements ring me and I’ll make sure you have a place in a group…or maybe you & I will be a group?
Anyway…do not just sit on your sofa or do some long-ignored chores or just web-link to some other church…that’s the lazy way to handle it & I know you’re not lazy.
The church is a gathered people…close enough to touch one another & lean on one another for support & to declare forgiveness to one another & to share God’s Word with one another…so if you’re not together you’re hard to recognize as “the church.” It really is that simple.

Then, on November 22nd we’re back together again and I expect to see you there.

Be blessed the rest of this week and be ready to Zoom on Tuesday for a short catch up from the weekend.


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