Re-Set 2021 (click here to view..)

Re-Set 2021 (click here to view..)

Hi everybody!

Well… we’ve crossed the borders safely & legally and are home again.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to join y’all in worship again tomorrow!

This is going to be a great season for Living Water…you can just feel it coming like a morning sunrise.
Before we get to the usual worship pieces…although at the moment, there’s no reason (aside from illness) for anyone to be anywhere but in worship amongst your faith family…a few reminders:

  1. AGM 31st January…The main business here is to make sure we give God thanks for his care & sustaining grace over the last year and to plot a course for 2021. I also think it’s important we express our appreciation to the Steering Team…what a weird year to try & lead ministry…lots of tough decisions & uncertainty to move through and they’ve done well.
  2. Zoom Bible Studies…We’ve tried the Tuesday a.m. time slot but we need to get a few more people engaged. So…The format & content is going to change somewhat, but most important is when would be a suitable time for you to jump in & have some fun with the handful who are regularly there? Let me know & we’ll find a time that seems to suit. I’m going to stay with Zoom because that way we don’t need to find a place or make coffee or set up anything…etc…
  3. I think we can start moving back into our regular established Small Groups without any issue moving forward. Let’s be sensible, but I think we can get back up & running by February.


Now…Sunday…if you can’t be there…be here:

Service Order

Growing Praise


And of course…never forget:
And the Lord himself, the King of Israel,
will live among you!
At last your troubles will be over,
and you will never again fear disaster. – Zephaniah 3:15b


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