Now we wait…

Now we wait…

It’s Good Friday evening…

Maundy Thursday is behind us. The Last Supper, the footwashing, the betrayal, the arrest & the first part of the “kangaroo court” that would eventually sentence Jesus to die have all concluded.

The crowds, led by the envious religious elite, have bellowed for crucifixion. Pilate has tried without success to release Jesus…but wound up allowing God’s plan to proceed.

The soldiers have had their fun & the mobs have done their mocking. The scourging & beatings have left Jesus barely alive, and the nails & spear will finish the deed.

Jesus has breathed his last…His sacrifice is complete. Now we wait.

How will you spend the hours between death’s brief triumph & salvation’s finished victory?

What will occupy your thoughts & actions until you’re able to say with certainty, “He is risen indeed!”

In what manner will your heat beat with anticipation & assurance, and who will you encourage to join you in celebrating freedom from sin, death & the devil? With whom will you share the news of Jesus’ gift of eternal life? Who will you invite to trust that these days are for all…not just those who already know?

All of the gospels remind us that the first followers of Jesus struggled to comprehend & adequately share what had happened…but from a handful of faithful disciples in those early days, to millions around the world, required someone to say something. This year…let it be you.

The world is waiting…

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