It seems fitting…

It seems fitting…

I had an interesting conversation with a local friend this morning…right in the midst of a pretty heavy shower of cold rain!

He suggested that it was most appropriate that today was a looking to be a dreary, dark, wet cold old winter’s day. Why?

Well, it’s the “shortest” day of the year in this part of the world, and what better way for that shortest day to happen than under a blanket of clouds, a deluge of rain, & a shroud of dark sky.

I had to agree…It just seemed fitting & right.

I also had to reflect on something I read in Jeremiah this week…

Remember…Jeremiah, like most of the prophets, spoke for God into a nation on the brink of self-inflicted disaster. God’s people had abandoned their faith in Yahweh & turned their hearts not only to false gods & idols, but to seeking their security in foreign alliances with pagan nations. They were truly relying on the strength of armies to secure their lives & their futures. So the largest portion of Jeremiah speaks God’s judgment against such foolishness & rebellion.

But it’s an anguished word Jeremiah speaks. Throughout his prophecies you can hear God pleading with his people to return to him & re-establish a faithfulness that will deliver them from disaster. We know how that works out…they don’t. Disaster comes. Their cities are devastated. Thousands die by the swords of the Babylonian soldiers. The nation is driven into exile.

And yet…Jeremiah 31:2 offers hope:

“Those who survive the coming destruction
will find blessings even in the barren land,
for I will give rest to the people of Israel.”

Blessings even in the barren land. Rest for a destroyed people.

And then the sun came out…no kidding…I’m reflecting on all this and the clouds shift & the sky is a brilliant blue & there’s the sun.

The shortest day of the year? Sure…that sun’s due to disappear within about an hour of my sitting here…but what a blessing!


I hope you’re finding some blessings today as well. My chat with a friend who was going above & beyond to do me a favour was a blessing. I have my proper reading glasses. Not the ones I lost, but a suitable replacement as opposed to the $4 ones I’ve been using from the discount store. Leonie’s up & at it and going to work tomorrow. Brenna’s off with a friend reading the Bible & doing some math tutoring. I spoke to my mother today & we laughed about how much fun we had while I was there & made plans for our return visit after Christmas. I’ve been blessed beyond all imagining…

We’re going to be richly blessed again this Friday, 24th June, because our Zoom Bible Studies return.

Join Zoom Meeting – Click that link & you’re in. Romans 2 & 3   — Meeting ID: 899 3809 9498

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again Sunday too.

It’s a great week to grab a friend & invite them along.


Rejoice in your blessings!


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