Into the weekend!

Into the weekend!

Well…what a wet way to end the week & perhaps begin planting season!

Looking forward to seeing all of you this coming Sunday. Don’t forget this is a Morning Tea weekend! So…some goodies to share and a great time to catch up with your faith family.

Might also be the perfect weekend to reach out & invite someone you haven’t seen in worship in a while…or someone who isn’t usually in worship.


I’ve been reading 1 Kings this week…the F260 Bible Reading Plan has proved very challenging and I like that.

In 1 Kings 8, Solomon has built the Temple and is in the midst of dedicating it when he blesses the people and then prays: 8:23 – “O Lord, God of Israel, there is no God like you in all of heaven above or on the earth below. You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion. You have kept your promise to your servant David, my father. You made that promise with your own mouth, and with your own hands you have fulfilled it today.”

God promised & then acted to make sure his promise was fulfilled. But what comes next is mind-blowing:

“May you watch over this Temple night and day, this place where you have said, ‘My name will be there.’ May you always hear the prayers I make toward this place. May you hear the humble and earnest requests from me and your people Israel when we pray toward this place. Yes, hear us from heaven where you live, and when you hear, forgive.”

What follows is a long list of possible opportunities when God’s people might rebel against God, sin against God or one another, or simply stray away from God’s commands. In each case Solomon pleads with God to forgive and restore his people so that the relationship between God and those who call on his name might be preserved…even when the people sin grievously against God.

It’s an amazing prayer…1 Kings 8. You should just stop and read it all.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot today. That it is the Father who maintains by his Spirit the relationship between us…who forgives, reclaims, disciplines, restores, preserves, protects, and provides. There is nothing I can do but respond in loving obedience, faithful worship, and joyful praise. And yes…even bold witness for part of Solomon’s prayer is that “all the people of the earth will come to know and fear you, just as your own people Israel do” because that is God’s design and desire…that all the people of the earth have their hearts turned to him in faith, love, obedience & hope.


Pray about that this week and take some time to read Revelation 6 and 7 and 2:18-26 in preparation for Sunday.

It’s going to be great to be together as church…just incredible! You don’t want to miss it.



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