Into the coming weekend…

Into the coming weekend…

Good afternoon y’all!

We’re back livestreaming from the Guide Hall this Sunday, 10:00 a.m., our regular worship time.
You can log in from here

You’ll have an email soon with the worship order & a copy of the sermon…so you can refer to those should there be any hiccups in the broadcast. If I can get them here too I will.

I’ll also schedule a Zoom Bible Study for one evening next week…and a catch up along the way during one day as well. Those details will come by Monday.

I trust you are getting out in the great weather today and staying well and away from anything harmful.

The girls in our house have planted some veggies. I’m about to replant a lime tree & start getting a new chook house into place.
Please pray for me…gardening and construction would not be my 2 best gifts, but we will have some fun & get it all accomplished!

Maybe photos next week?

God be with you all!

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