Into the coming week!

Into the coming week!

Welcome to Saturday y’all!

Just a few quick reminders on this soggy start to the weekend…

  1. If you haven’t booked a  spot for worship…please do. By now just ring 6931 5673 and we’ll get you sorted for worship at either the Guide Hall or the overflow houses.
  2. Set your clocks forward 1 hour before you turn in for the night. Worst thing ever is to make plans & be an hour off in your arrival.
  3. Don’t forget to join us Friday afternoons for a brief Bible study review of this week’s texts…it’s also a good chance to catch up with a few friends & see how the week’s been traveling for others.

Here’s that info:

LWF Bible Study Catch-up – Friday, Oct 8, 2021, 1:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting –

Meeting ID: 814 7936 6927


  1. Get ready for our next worship series…in fact…maybe you can help in a special way. The next 7 weeks we’ll be exploring the Apostle’s Creed. The last week of that will be our Affirmation of Baptism Service where 8 of our young disciples will affirm the faith in which they were baptized through the Rite of Confirmation. It’s a highlight of our otherwise disjointed and troubled year. How can you be part of this 7-week series? Have a look at the Creed. Is there one part of it that really stands out in your mind, or that you have found meaningful in your life? Could you share that briefly in worship on one of the next 7 Sundays? We’re looking for about a 2-3 minute “What this means to me” about the various parts of the Creed. We have a couple of volunteers already for the first article…I believe in God the Father & Creator, but is there a possibility you (yes you) could open a window into your living faith as it is shaped by this ancient creed? Pray about that & then talk to me or Philippa. She’ll be organizing the details.


  1. Here is the main pre-recorded worship link for tomorrow. It will go live about the same time we do in the Guide Hall…I’m counting on the clocks all being synchronized…But don’t forget…Everything else is available on the Resources/Sermons page of our website:


And as a last thing for this morning…

I’m looking at the “roadmap” our former premier has drawn up. Like so many things over the past 2 years, I’m getting conflicting messages from the official channels that churches are tapped into…So I do not have a definite “here’s how this works” yet…BUT…I do know what the Bible says. Who & how many are invited & intended to worship is The Father’s to decide. Have a look at Luke 14…starting at verse 15. The Master’s “guest limit” is “house may be full.” As long as there’s room in the banquet hall, it’s not satisfactory to the Master. “Full” is his primary requirement. The “guest list” appears to be a gathering of society’s undesirables. The “poor, crippled, blind & lame” as well as what can only be understood as the homeless and vagabond travellers…so the weary & worn out & those who can’t find a refuge anywhere else. No one other than God has the authority to limit or turn people away from worship. We have relinquished that authority for a time, but that time should long be over.

I’m not sure how churches are responding fully yet & I will let you know when I have something firm…but I want us to continue to focus on what God has called us to be…thriving Christian community that glorifies God by inviting all people to become disciples of Jesus…In whatever else happens, please don’t lose sight of that little word “all” as part of how we honour, and obey our call to God’s glory.

See you tomorrow.


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