Happy Thursday y’all!

I have an important announcement regarding worship this weekend.

We’re trialling recording the sermon live for the next few weeks in place of the pre-recorded sermon video.
That’s right…there will be no sermon video available for the next 3 weeks or so.

1. We’re almost back to full seating capacity in the Guide Hall & those limits are sure to be lifted soon. Come…we’ll find a place for you. 😉
2. The audio quality on the sermon videos has been the biggest drawback since March. The live recording of the sermon has excellent sound quality.
3. It takes a lot of extra effort to record early and then upload to YouTube, and that effort has been carried by 1-2 other folks. We need to give them a break.
4. Our live recording can be available by Sunday evening & is right on our website. We don’t need to use a 3rd party host like YouTube.

On Friday, I’ll still send out the Service Order with music links and the Growing Praise & by Saturday night you’ll have access on our website to the transcript of the sermon so you can still access a full experience in your home on Sunday morning if you choose (you just have to read my sermon with a Texas accent). OR you can wait until Sunday evening & then play the recorded “live” version of the sermon and access worship at your leisure.

We’re eventually going to move back fully into the Guide Hall AND make the printed & recorded “live” parts of the service accessible through our website. When we ultimately have the capability to livestream we’ll likely make that leap as well, but that’s still in the future.

And…at some point these emails will stop since all of this info is available on our website.
Starting soon…we’ll all need to develop the habit of going first to our website for any information about our ministry.

For right now…say big “Thank You” prayers for the folks who have carried the “Living Water on-line” ball for these past months, and keep reaching out to one another & staying in touch with one another & sharing God’s Word in your homes together…and all the things you have done since we were sent into isolation back in March.

More on Friday!


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