I love a rainy night…

I love a rainy night…

Well…I hear some raindrops pattering on my roof so it must be one of those rainy Friday nights.

I consider myself richly blessed to have had the opportunity to get out some in the sun over this past week. The feel of Spring in the offing is wonderful. We could use some visible signs of new life being brought into view as our lockdown enters its second week.

I hope you’ve found ways to make the past week enjoyable or at least bearable. Remember our friends and family in Sydney or in other parts of the country or the world are praying for you even if their circumstances are even more restrictive than ours.

We’re doubly blessed this week. We’ve managed to get all the worship material to the website before Sunday. That means you have access to all the printed worship and study material, a sermon audio AND a video. And you have it…now.   https://youtu.be/Hc1ZADKjrIs

I’ll be dropping of some printed resources for folks who do not have internet capabilities at their homes or who prefer the printed & live over the web-based resources, but there it is. Your leaders are working hard to be agile, adaptive & responsive as well as faithful…I’m blessed by all the hard work that supports our life together.

I’ve been asked about how Living Water will weather this snap lockdown financially. I don’t know. I’ve always seen you rise to and respond to a challenge. If you’re interested in making sure that happens…the electronic path to giving is the most reliable or we’ll make sure other gifts are appropriately handled. I trust God will move the appropriate hearts and amounts at just the right time. He’s never failed & neither have you.

As we await the good graces of our political leaders…please continue to pray for the Steering Team, for me, for one another & for our community. Do what you can to be in regular contact with your brothers and sisters from Living Water & ring those friends of yours who have no faith home or faith…share the hope you have & confidence that God’s hand will see us through. I’ll be scheduling another Zoom catch-up later this week again. Those are valuable just for the sake of hearing & seeing other people. I’ll keep you posted.

As always…I’m available privately too…and I have a bit of freedom to meet people for pastoral care reasons that you may not have to just go visit someone.

God be with you this weekend and in the week ahead.


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