Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

You read that right…Happy Anniversary!

Leonie & I hit 35 years today and we’re watching closely to learn from you who see 35 in the rear vision mirror.

I can’t speak for every marriage…but 35 years to me, seems like just a beginning.

I challenged one of my not-yet-Christian acquaintances the other week to cross her own 35 year threshold. She laughed because she’s not yet married to her young man…so I laughed too & suggested he come visit with me for a bit and maybe together we’d convince him. That made her laugh harder. I’ll keep working on it!

All that to say as we look at the week ahead…

  1. There will be NO ZOOM Bible Study this Friday, 12th July. I’ll be doing some celebrating. We’ll re-Zoom on the 19th (get it? “resume” re-Zoom) ok…I know…not so funny…
  2. Ladies Fellowship is also pushed back a week until the 18th of July @ Miriam’s home. We’ll be continuing our study of Psalms with Psalms 90 & 91.

We’re meeting a week later than usual because on our proper week I have the one-year follow-up with my orthopaedic surgeon having a look at his fine work on my new knee.

He needs the chance to tell me again what an exceptional surgeon he is & I need to remind him God works even through flawed instruments. We have interesting chats.

  1. CSU Campus Ministry’s presentation of John’s Gospel…Saturday 20th July @ South Wagga Anglican Church in Turvey Park @ 7:00 p.m. I’m really looking forward to this evening’s proclamation of the gospel through drama. The folks in the dramatization have worked exceptionally hard throughout much of this year. Please keep them in your prayers.
  2. Some other things to add to your prayer list…
    1. Living Water’s Steering Team. I know you pray for us regularly, but this seems a particularly heavily loaded season. With the change of “landlords” for the Hall & the favourable outcome on that score, to helping me address a growing number of illnesses and infirmities among us, and arranging for me to get some time away for a variety of reasons… They’ve really been leaning into the Holy Spirit’s strength.
    2. Wagga City Council & Staff – I’m especially appreciative of the good results in our conversations with the City Staff regarding our continued use of the Hall. I am often too slow to give proper regard for the servants who work for government entities. It’s easy to criticize when things don’t go well…but I need to remember to be equally speedy with praise & prayers.
    3. The unwell both among & beyond Living Water – It is undeniably flu season…and it seems other sorts of seasons along with it. Do all the things you know how to do to stay upright & taking nourishment. And pray for those who aren’t.


On Sunday I read a bit from Job 37…specifically verses 23-24: “We cannot imagine the power of the Almighty; but even though he is just & righteous, he does not destroy us. No wonder people everywhere fear him! For he holds no regard for those who are wise in their own eyes.”

Once you know to look…the gospel jumps out from every page of the Bible:

  1. We cannot imagine the power of the Almighty – but I know the limits of human “power” no matter how desperately some try to hold on to it & wield it. I know I am ultimately accountable to God, the ultimate power in all creation.
  2. even though he is just & righteous (and we most assuredly are not) he does not destroy us – No he doesn’t. In fact he sends his Son Jesus to be destroyed instead of us so that we can be clothed in HIS just-ness & righteousness.
  3. No wonder people everywhere fear him – Despite claims of disbelief, no belief or outright atheism, everyone lives in the shadow of something they acknowledge as of ultimate power.
  4. For he holds no regard for those who are wise in their own eyes – but to those who “know they are sinners” the Good Physician offers healing & hope & life in its fullness.


Enjoy that fullness in Christ as you go about your week. It’ll draw some conversation to be sure & an opportunity for you to offer your hope to someone else.




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