Happy Friday everyone!

Well…the Premier’s office has provided the relief & return to freedom we’ve been praying for…in a measure that is truly “Thank you God!” worthy.

Starting MONDAY, 7th December, the space requirements are relaxed indoors for worship to 1 person per 2 square metres.
We’ll still offer masks for singing according to the guidelines and space ourselves appropriately in the Guide Hall and keep our hands as clean as we can (and sadly no morning tea just yet) BUT…this week, the 6th is the last week where our numbers will be limited by space…So…off the sofa & into the community of the faithful!

For this week while we’re still limited…you know the drill…Service Order with Study & Discussion resources are attached AND available on our website.

Service Order click on it & you’re in!

Growing Praise

Song 1

Song 2

Zoom Bible Study is still Tuesday morning @ 9:30
(This will likely have a change in format in 2021…less focussed on recapping the worship texts & more on a specific book of the Bible…we’ll see how we go.)

At the end of the book of Ezekiel…the prophet is granted a vision of the restored (finally ultimately in the Kingdom restored) Jerusalem and from the Temple, he sees a river flowing out to the rest of the world. The promise of that river flowing from the throne of God: “Life will flourish wherever this water flows.”
Jesus declared that from him we have access to that sort of living water now & from US it will pour forth to all around us…Enjoy being that river this week and every one ahead of you!

As always…keep checking the website for any new info.

So…looking forward to seeing a bunch of you this week and ALL of you on the 13th!


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