Getting ready for Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day!

Getting ready for Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Friday everyone!

And a blessed welcome to Mother’s Day weekend…It is a weekend–long celebration isn’t it? That’s what I’ve been told… 😉

Anyway…We’re ready to gather in our scatteredness again this Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
The link is here:
Worship materials are attached…and linked on our website (Service order & Growing Praise)

As always…please please check the website first for the most up-to-date materials and information.
Please invite your friends and family to go there too…It’s designed to give folks a low threshold welcome into an experience of Jesus…
So…you know what to do.

I’m thinking we’ll be able to gather in small clusters by this coming week…or soon thereafter…
So I’ll be trying to make a few contacts with folks who are on my regular home communion schedule.
I can’t wait! I have so missed being with you all.

And…Zoom Bible Study Catch-ups…Tuesday evening & Thursday morning again…I’ll provide links on Monday and I’ll get ‘em right this time.

Until we are back in the same room again…Peace be with you!

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