For Worship this week!

For Worship this week!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sunny cooler weather this week…and are praying hard for the eventual breaking of our lockdown chains.
It’s getting close.

In the meantime, here’s what you’ll need for worship livestream again tomorrow.
Worship Order and
Growing Praise
As always…this info is also on the website. It would be good for you to check that regularly…maybe once a day? 😉

The Steering Team meets this week to start looking at our resumption of life-after-lockdown. Please pray for us in renewed vigour. What the shape of ministry looks like in a post-Wuhan virus world is likely going to be different than it did even 3 months ago. We need to act wisely and faithfully, and your prayers will help us be lead in that direction.

According to what other pastors are doing & what I read in the newer rules, I’m also able to get out & visit some now with small groups of folks. I’ve had a regular “this season” flu shot and am generally well & healthy. So I’m open to invitations for small group devotions and communion if you would like. Just let me know & we’ll start working toward that as a supplement to Sunday livestream worship.

See you Sunday and then at a Zoom Bible Study this week.


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