“And don’t forget the bacon!”

“And don’t forget the bacon!”

Happy Tuesday everyone!

What a change in the weather between sundown yesterday & sunrise today!

And there was even thunder thrown in just for laughs…


You know it never fails…as soon as you make a list…you forget something. Like the young boy in the children’s book sent to the store for the shopping whose final instruction was “Don’t forget the bacon.” Guess what he forgot?

So…there I was making a list of ways God has given Living Water (that’s you & me) to grow in grace & likeness to Jesus…to “live, walk, grow” in our “call” to this new life in Christ. I made a list…a good list too…& I “forgot the bacon.” I forgot the most obvious gathering of Living Water disciples where we explore the Scriptures & encourage & learn together…our Friday Zoom Bible Study Catch-up times.

So…spiritual growth includes but is not limited to (you’re probably doing something awesome I don’t know about)

  1. Weekly Worship
  2. Small Groups
  3. LTGs – Life Transformation Groups
  4. Personal devotions & study
  5. Zoom Bible Study Catch-ups – speaking of which…

Zoom Bible Study Catch-Up – Friday – July 29 – 1:00 PM

(click that link & you’re there) – Join Zoom Meeting – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88022194499

Meeting ID: 880 2219 4499


Also…the other week I offered some Bible verses that had been impacting my heart for a bit…

Psalm 17:14-15  —  Psalm 20:7-8  —  Revelation 3:8-10  —  Nehemiah 6:11

Now I’m not sure how they struck you…but I’d be happy to chat about that whenever you’re free…but here’s one you’re going to likely hear a lot about come Sunday: Isaiah 40:28-31.

It’s a familiar verse. It has inspired more than a few worship songs. It speaks to me of endurance, perseverance, longevity & living toward a destiny while leaving a legacy…all in the name of Jesus & the power of God’s Spirit that raised him from the dead, who now lives in us.

So…in preparation for worship this week…

Please spend some time meditating or praying about Isaiah 40:28-31, Romans 15:5-21 & Romans 16:25-27. Your praying should include me while I’m working on the sermon and our pray-ers who’ll be praying for us.

I’m praying for you today too. Be richly blessed, please don’t get blown over in the wind & “don’t forget the bacon!”


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