All Saints’ Sunday!

All Saints’ Sunday!

Welcome to a wet & stormy Friday night y’all!

Well…as we move into another weekend’s worship here are the pieces…
As with last week…There will be NO VIDEO LINK this week, BUT there WILL BE a “recorded live” audio link to the sermon ON OUR WEBSITE hopefully by Sunday evening.
We’re trying to get the best possible audio even if that means no pre-recorded video for a few weeks. Let’s try that & see how things go.

So…for worship:

Service order link is here:
Song links:

Growing Praise link is here:

The Sermon will be on our website by Saturday. So you’ll have that as a resource too before Sunday. I never post it too early, even though it is finished. It’s better if you can catch it in person. AND…As always…please gather some folks together for the Bible Study & Discussion either before or after worship.
It is essential that we ground ourselves fully in God’s Word each week, and certainly daily in reading & praying on our own.

The Zoom Bible Study is set…1:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY.
Aine is having ankle surgery Tuesday so we’re rescheduling it for after she gets home & is resting in her own bed.

A couple of other notes.
1. Sunday 8th November
is a day set aside to celebrate our partnership with Compassion International.
Dan Pennington is going to be here as the lead speaker in worship. It’s another opportunity for you to consider sponsoring a child or another child. 😉
2. Sunday 15th November we’re NOT meeting in the Guide Hall because the power is scheduled to be turned off for routine maintenance of the power grid in that area.
So…this week Philippa is posting a sign-up sheet with houses for worship in small groups or clusters of families. If you are not usually in a small group there’s room for you in a home somewhere…you just need to put your name down. Resources will be available & links to worship songs will be provided as always. OR you can do your own thing as a small house church for the day.

Hopefully by the 22nd, life will be closer to normal again & then we start the lead-up to Christmas!

I can’t wait.
See you Sunday…If you have any questions…please ask.


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