4th February

4th February

Hi everybody!

Just real quickly before the weekend hits…

Sunday is a big day!  It’s a first Sunday of the month which means…

  1. Morning Tea! No one does this better than Living Water Fellowship. Please bring something to share & hang around to catch up with your friends & make a few new ones!
  2. GBO for RDA – Our annual gift to Riding for the Disabled. I don’t need to remind you to be generous because you always are. Let’s start 2022 off with a bang!


As the school year starts, remember to keep the teachers & students among us in your prayers. With the lingering pandemic protections in place, schools are a tricky place…moreso than usual. So do pray & please do check in with those you know who work in the education vocation. They bless us all & we can bless them in return.

We’ve been reminded this week that death is still a powerful enemy among us, even though we know it is a defeated enemy in the long run. Many of our Living Water family have felt the pain of grief over the last week…remember to ask after those who’ve felt that sting of the grave & to give thanks for the saving power of Christ who breaks the door to the tomb open for us all.

I’m excited about this coming month. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline including a Confirmation Service with Affirmation of Baptism for 8 of our young people on the 20th of February. Please pray for those folks and their families. This is a great season for Living Water as we have a chance to continue to walk alongside these young men & women and nurture them in their relationship with Jesus. Make every effort to speak to them and congratulate them over these next few weeks and especially on the 20th.

If you missed our Zoom Bible Study today…make time in your schedule next Friday at 1:00 p.m. It’s around the lunch hour & it’s ok to eat & chat. Most of us do that…or at least have our lunch dessert & coffee while God’s Word speaks to us. You ought to give it a try.

AND…I spoke to my mother this morning. It snowed in their part of North Texas today. It was -7 C…won’t get much higher than that all weekend she said. I’m thanking God I don’t have to deal with that.

Be richly blessed this week!


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