Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Well…by the time many of you read this I’ll be in Sydney working with our gospel co-workers at LifeWay Lutheran Church planning worship strategies & themes for next year.

Please pray for wisdom & our sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit during the next 3 days. It’s hard concentrated effort, but always rewarding.

Also…pray for my safe travel. It’s a long way up & back & an early start tomorrow.

Meanwhile…save this link & join us Friday afternoon for our Zoom Bible Study.

LWF Zoom Bible Study Catch-up

Friday: Nov 19, 2021 01:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 895 1617 8404

We’ll be looking at Psalm 67 & Colossians 3:12-17 from worship today…and considering again how the life of Christ operates through his church.


I’ve been reading Ezekiel…One of the tragic prophets who understands that the faithlessness & infidelity & idolatry of God’s people is reaping a punishment long-deserved.

At the very end of Ezekiel 7…verse 27, the last verse of that chapter…after prophesying severe destruction & hardship for God’s people we read: “Then they will know that I am the Lord.”

It’s a reminder that after everything humans turn to, cling to, hold on to, look to for strength, security, safety, satisfaction, contentment, & salvation fall to ruin…we’ll see standing above the rubble The Father who has warned us of this outcome since forever. Standing amid the chaos is Yahweh to reclaim us. When everything humans have trusted fails, we’ll know that he alone is Sovereign over all things & holds all things for his purpose. Ezekiel 7 is not the end of the story…but in the middle of some difficult times, it’s a good reminder that the sooner we abandon any false god or false way of human empire-building, the better…because when that false god is proved false it’s not going to be pretty.


I can’t adequately describe the joy of being among you again today…I can’t wait for next Sunday when we’re together again.

Be richly blessed this week


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