24th July

24th July

Hi y’all

I do hope you are managing to stay warm & dry this week. I felt truly blessed with two days of sunshine. Might be a bit before we see that again in any quantity.

But I do hope to see you Sunday in some way or another. The news around NSW isn’t great as far as the virus goes…so no surprises, but let’s stay abreast of what we’re doing.

  1. QR code sign-in & Masks are part of all we do now.
  2. We’ll adjust around the 1 person/4sqm space limits…we’ve made it work up to now & there’s no reason to give up the ship.
  3. We WILL have our July Giving Beyond Ourselves (GBO) for Asia Focus THIS WEEK.
  4. Then August GBO is on August 15th & September GBO is on the September 5th. Let’s go big again with our generosity!
  5. Confirmation is also after worship this week. We’re at the halfway point in the year for those students…do keep praying for the growing faith of our growing teenagers.
  6. No Morning Tea this week, but we will do that again on the 1st & 15th of August. We’re sticking with the 1st & 3rd Sunday’s of the month until the restrictions ease again. Or I guess until we’re told by the health officials to stop.

If you’re stuck at home for one reason or another…I will put a greater breadth of resources on the website for your access to worship materials.

Also…The Living Water AGM is still set for the 29th of August. We’re hopeful that we can do that in person all together. We’ll see.

In the meantime…if someone taps you on the shoulder & invites you to pray about joining the leadership of our ministry… “Yes” is your best answer.

We don’t “fill spots,” we encourage, equip & engage leaders in ministry…and this year that might be you.

At the AGM you’ll receive our annual financial reports. We’ve struggled this year to stay ahead of deficits, and we’ve still got our noses above the waterline. HUGE thanks to our leaders for helping us target faithfully the essentials with the gifts we have thankfully received. Please be praying & considering how you might discover by the work of the Spirit, a deeper well of generosity than you ever imagined.

Always remember the promise toward which we are called: (this is Psalm 22:27)

The whole earth will acknowledge the Lord and return to him.

    All the families of the nations will bow down before him.


See you tomorrow!


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