For worship tomorrow and some good news!

For worship tomorrow and some good news!

Happy Saturday everyone!

As we move into the weekend the first thing I want to do is pass on our worship details: See you there…10 a.m.

Service order and Growing Praise are at these links.

Also…I cannot say this often enough: Please keep your eyes on the website.
We’ll continue having an update page once the lockdown is lifted and that’s where the latest news & regular discipleship material and opportunities will be found.

The Steering Team met via Zoom this week and were able to hear lots of good news. The best news of all is that we as a community & a country have been spared the worst of the Wuhan Virus damage that most other nations around the world are suffering. We should be moving forward beyond the lockdown pretty quickly and we pray with little to no “second spike” in infections.

The other piece of great news came from Pam and our financial details. I’ll let Pam tell the story…but I’ll say “Thank you.”

Although, thankfully, we have moved on from some of the restrictions brought about by Covid-19, it seems that it will be a while yet before we return to “normal” or what most likely will be a slightly different “normal”.
We are pleased to report that Living Water responded generously to our request for continued financial support through the “shutdown”. Offerings for April were $9954.30 (compared to $10, 646.30 in 2019) and offerings for the first 18 days of May were $5124.65 (compared to $8172.35 for the full month of May 2019). This is an incredible blessing considering we have not met for any worship services since the end of March. Consequently, our bank balance currently looks healthy. A few more people are now taking advantage of the convenience of online banking for their offerings.
Who knows when we will all meet together again for worship??? Until then we pray that you all stay safe and that we can continue to pay our way.
Pam K.

I think we’ll be back to two Zoom Bible Study times this week. I’m hopeful that we’ll be back together all in one place soon and able to get out into each other’s homes more regularly. In the meantime, I am able to visit with small groups of folks in your homes. Let’s do that. Please give me a ring to pick a time that is best for you.

Thank you too to everyone who has been working the phones & the brief visits to keep our lives intertwined as Christ intended.

God bless you this week

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